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  • Usul (Foundations) Al-Islam classes which includes Taharah (purification) and Salat (prayer), and Tafsir (explanation of relative points). Beginners and Intermediate teachings of Islam and Arabic Studies course.  Islamic studies classes for Children. Dawah (invitation/community outreach) of Islam to people of all faiths.
  • Collaborate with the National Black Leadership Commission on Aids to host and provide HIV/AIDS testing and Educational Seminar.
  • Provide hot meals for the Homeless.
  • Annual distribution of toys to Sammon Build Women’s shelter.
  • 12-Step Milati Islam self-help group for those battling the disease of addiction.
  • Youth Sessions: Facing the challenges of growing up in today’s society.
  • Week-long summer camping trips.
  • Summer lunch program.
  • Mind Elevation ™ classes for greater personal and professional improvement.
  • The Dorothy Cotton Institute: Citizenship Education Program ™ 

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